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This stunning beach engagement photoshoot took place in the beautiful Key Biscayne in Miami. The couple was captured in a variety of poses and settings, with the backdrop of calm waters and sandy beaches making for the perfect romantic setting. Adding to the charm of the shoot was a vintage car, used as a prop to enhance the vintage aesthetic of the photos. The couple was styled in chic attire, with the bride-to-be wearing a white maxi dress while her partner donned a linen suit. The soft, warm hues of the sunset cast a beautiful golden light on the couple and their surroundings, making for some truly breathtaking shots.

We captured the love and chemistry between the couple, making for a timeless and unforgettable engagement session. From intimate close-ups to playful candid shots, this photoshoot is a perfect encapsulation of the couple’s love story and their journey toward their future together.






























Anne and Danny’s Engagement Session

March 20, 2023

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