{Katherine} Miami Teen Photography | Studio Photography | Sweet Seventeen

Happy 16th Birthday to Katherine! We were so excited to show off what we can do in our Miami studio with a clean, classic look. We love that we can offer an in-studio session for our clients, as the rain can be an issue in South Florida. The only thing that stands out in these pictures is Katherine, which is exactly what we wanted to do. All it takes is some good lighting and a teen who takes good direction, to create some magic. Our personal favorites are the black and whites, showing the many sides to Miss Katherine. What’s


{Alexis} Miami Teen Photography | Quinceanera

This shoot is one for the books! One reason is because Alexis is gorgeous and sweet and extremely easy to photograph. The second reason is we tried something new on this shoot, music inspired video. Once we hear Alexis is a musician our creative juices started flowing. We new we wanted to incorporate her love for music into the shoot. We asked her to choose a song she loved and new how to play and the rest just came together easily. Alexis play the guitar and ukulele so the song, Rip Tide was perfect. We love the outcome so much