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You will not find a more dedicated team to document your wedding day. PS Photography and Films has the clients best interest at heart. Since 2006 the Creative Directors, photographers and videographers at PS Photography have been shooting, filming, cropping, formatting and binding together love stories, business successes, and coming-of-age moments.

It’s in the in between times that we find the magic. We know you fell in love through glances, subtle gestures, the way his hand fell here or her hair landed there. You remember the first time she wore that perfume and the way he reacted to the first “I love you.” It was an embrace, a laugh, a shared silence that brought you, through so many ups and downs, to where you are now. You’ve made the decision to celebrate all the big and small ways in which you are committed to making your “I love you” into your “for as long as we both shall live.”

We’re here to capture your inimitable story: From your father’s stare, to the bridesmaid’s joy, to the jewel sewn into the fabric that was passed down for generations especially for you. This is the beginning of a story that can only be told because the two of you fell in love.

That is why we get to know you. We spend time with you to make your engagement shoot uniquely and distinctly yours. Your wedding day will be documented by an amazing team of photographers and videographers. Combined with the imagination of our creative directors who live for the fairytales and a team with years of professional experience, your album will be a cherished keepsake that you will fall in love with a week from now and on your golden anniversary.

About Us


Patty Gonzalez

Patty Gonzalez is a storyteller. The camera is her means to an end. From journeys to her father’s homeland, to vibrant shots of the beauty and glamour of her hometown of Miami, Patty’s eyes are on the subtlety and nuance that make each photograph a narrative you want to know more about. There are many miles and many experiences that lead you to a moment in time. With Patty’s knack for detail and nostalgia, each frame captures the sentiment beyond the pose.

Susie Canino

Susie Canino knows how to capture a moment. There’s a lot her lens has seen and even more she uncovers through her big heart, which is part of every shot she takes. She has a talent for finding the tough with the gentle, and part of the magic of what her images reveal is the laughter in the trials and the tears in the joy.

Lauren Alatriste

Lauren Alatriste knows how to make an impact. Her photography and cinematography, like her adventuresome spirit, stand on the edge, challenge the imagination and offer to put life in grand and sweeping perspective. Exotic locations, vast landscapes, faraway places, hidden luxuries and all that is wild, sophisticated and bold make up her imagery and her point of view.

Cristina Sullivan


Cristina has been with PS for over 6 years.  She understands the high standards our clients expect from us. Cristina is never satisfied with the best picture. She always expects more from herself and is always searching for the better picture.  She starts and ends a wedding day with the same amount of high energy and desire to capture important moments.  This eagerness is what makes Cristina such a valuable asset on a wedding day. She doesn’t miss a beat or in this case, a moment.

Alex Perez


Alex is a wealth of knowledge. Not only is he the master of being in the know about the latest camera gear, but he also knows how to use it well. He’s great at focusing his attention on the client, as well as our team. Alex will communicate with the team to be sure the perfect moment is captured in multiple angles. He shares his vision, concerns, and ideas so we are all on the same page. Alex’s primary goal is to create a piece that is always equally good in quality and creativity.

Giselle Rodriguez

You will not only find Giselle documenting your wedding day, but she’s also one of the faces behind editing your wedding films. At PS, we know each couple has a different style and vibe. Are you the soft, romantic couple? The funny couple? The party couple? A mixture of it all? Giselle understands the importance of paying attention to who you are on your wedding day in order to create the perfect film for you while editing. She feeds off of the couple’s vibe and knows how to shoot in different styles to help showcase your love story in the perfect light.

Alex Martinez

Alex is our “yes” man. No matter how risky a shot may be, he will always go for it. He’s the guy you go to if you want a drone shot inside of a reception room, and he won’t even break a sweat. We’ve never met a more calm, cool, and collected guy who can get the job done. Alex takes chances on crazy ideas, and we love him for it.

Janelle Romero


With a love for photography and attention to detail, Janelle meticulously handles the editing of photographs before it reaches the client.  Every image is enhanced by her cautious hand.  PS believes that their clients deserve a finished product that deems professional and of high quality. Janelle fine tunes each image to ensure the lighting, coloring, and cropping perfectly represent the PS standard.

Jesse Colon


With over 5 years of experience and a smile that can light up a room, Jesse brings a lot into a wedding day.  While shooting your wedding, you will occasionally find him humming along with the music.  Although he is not a guest, Jesse will truly enjoy attending your wedding.  As they say, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

Kenneth Smith


You can always expect creativity and a smile from Kenneth.  It’s a joy to be around him on a wedding day.  His humor and sweet smile make him a crowd favorite.  Kenneth is all about the details. He knows how much time and effort each bride puts into making their day so special.  Kenneth never misses the shot of your personalized hanger, custom napkin during cocktail hour, or anything that makes your wedding so individually yours.

Josh Benitez


He may not be noticed at a wedding with his quiet demeanor and stealth moves, however, that is no indication of what Josh can deliver.  You can give Josh an idea, and he will deliver ten different shots in a perspective you never even imagined. Josh is fantastic at creating sweeping, steady, magical shots that will leave your wedding film filled with stunning eye candy from start to finish.

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PS Photography and Films has had the privilege of being named Best of Wedding Photographer by the Knot.  They have received the Couples Choice Award by Wedding Wire for four years.  The praise that the PS Photography and Films team has received in the 12 years that they have been in business is a true testament of  the hard work that this team puts forth in all of their weddings that they are commissioned for.  PS Photography and Films is honored to have work featured in a number of distinguished print publications and wedding blogs.  It is a pleasure to work side by side with fellow wedding vendors and to be acknowledged for all the hard work.  Sincere thanks to our fellow creatives for supporting us and helping us create beautiful memories for our clients.