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You will not find a more dedicated team to document your wedding day. PS Photography and Films has the clients best interest at heart.

Every snap of the camera and every choice made on your session day for you. We customize the way we document your portrait session to match you.

If you haven’t guessed so far we totally take our job seriously and we totally love what we do. Our company strives to create a friendship with each of our clients, we are not the show up and shoot kind of photographers/videographers. After all, if we are not friends than how can we expect you to open up to us in front of the camera. For us, the most impertinent task we have is to create not only beautiful imagery but for it to be real. Our photographs will be raw and natural and our videography will tell a story… your story. We accomplish this with an array of high quality equipment and a team that works together to make magic.

About Us


Patty Gonzalez

Patty Gonzalez is a storyteller. The camera is her means to an end. From journeys to her father’s homeland, to vibrant shots of the beauty and glamour of her hometown of Miami, Patty’s eyes are on the subtlety and nuance that make each photograph a narrative you want to know more about. There are many miles and many experiences that lead you to a moment in time. With Patty’s knack for detail and nostalgia, each frame captures the sentiment beyond the pose.

Susie Canino

Susie Canino knows how to capture a moment. There’s a lot her lens has seen and even more she uncovers through her big heart, which is part of every shot she takes. She has a talent for finding the tough with the gentle, and part of the magic of what her images reveal is the laughter in the trials and the tears in the joy.

Lauren Alatriste

Lauren Alatriste knows how to make an impact. Her photography and cinematography, like her adventuresome spirit, stand on the edge, challenge the imagination and offer to put life in grand and sweeping perspective. Exotic locations, vast landscapes, faraway places, hidden luxuries and all that is wild, sophisticated and bold make up her imagery and her point of view.

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We offer a complete styling package!

Styled Shoots Include:

  • HAIR AND MAKEUP ARTIST ON SET | you will receive a hair and makeup change with every outfit change
  • STYLING | your photographer will work one-on-one with you to create concepts and looks for your shoot
  • LOOKBOOK | an organized mood board with your concepts, outfits, and hair/makeup choices plus a timeline of your shoot.
  •  SOCIAL MEDIA PICS | you will receive 3-5 images shortly after your shoot to share on social media