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It’s hard not to create a bond with our clients, especially our wedding clients.  Can you imagine being a part of one of the most important day of their lives, being there from beginning of the planning to the big day and well after their wedding.  Its no wonder we love what we do.  Meeting couples that are head over heels in love starting their new lives together and then growing as a family.  We are so lucky to witness all these happy moments and not just be there for them but capture memories for them.  As a photographer shooting behind the camera you have no choice but to analyze your subjects.  In this wedding, I was constantly staring at Jacky and waiting for her huge open mouth smile that I love.  This couple is so charismatic that I kind of felt like a stalker just waiting for the right moment to snap.  Although Jacky will tell you differently, but these two were great in front of the camera.  They were great in the sense that they really opened up to me and let me in to see how they really are as couple.  This couple is a lot of things, but if I had to describe their relationship in three words they would have to be genuine, real, and goofy….LOL….well it’s the truth.  During their engagement session they were so funny with one another, cracking jokes and teasing one another…..loved it all!  So because of the holiday rush I never got a chance to showcase their engagement session so I decided to include a few pics in at the end of this post.  As for the wedding day of course it was full of surprises and full of laughter.  One moment that is definitely worth mentioning is that we bumped into Courtney Cox and of course Jon with his suave-self made sure he got a picture with her.  After the star struck moment wore off, Jon said “of course this would happen to us on our wedding day, no surprise”.  I kind of can see how luck might follow this couple around.  Another moment that I was pre-warned about was the henna party that would happen towards the end of the night.  When I first heard about this henna party we were at Starbucks chit chatting after the engagement shoot and after he said henna party I remember thinking can this wedding get any better.  It had all the right ingredients for a great day of shooting, amazing couple, awesome vendors, beautiful location and now a henna party…..YES….WOOHOO!  It may sound silly to some, but little things like this make us very happy, we love the unexpected!  So when I asked them more about this henna party Jon said, “It’s so crazy and the rush is so intense that even you will probably get henna on your hand whether you like it or not.”  I can probably go on and on about this wedding but I will just let the images do the talking.  I only hope these images give an inside view of what this couple is all about, whether you’re a stranger or you know this couple intimately, I think you will fall in love with them just like we did.  Jacky and Jon I am so happy we met and I am soooooooo honored to have captured all these beautiful moments for you, I hope we keep in touch for always.


Here’s their gorgeous engagement session!

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{Jacky + Jon} Say I Do | Miami Beach Wedding Photography

January 13, 2013

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