About us

It’s your time to shine. You’ve built a business and you yourself are a brand. You’re a mover and a shaker. This work is your dream and you’ve made it a reality. The world wants to see you at your best and the average photo just won’t do.

PS Photography understands that all business is “show” business. It’s time to make the impression you deserve. Whether you’re introducing yourself to the world, revamping your look or reinventing your style, let them know exactly who you are. You’re not like the competition. The nuances of what makes you YOU is what brought you here – and that’s what we capture. Your sly smile, your irrepressible charm, the fact that you’re the detail person or the one with grand ideas. Great photos show them you have style and substance. They show you care. You’ll look great and your clients will see it’s great to do business with you.

We’re business people too and we know what it takes. So whether it’s a headshot or a whole corporate shoot, we are considerate of your time and your image. Together, we’ll get the right look not only to show where you are, but to position you to where you want to be.

About Us


Patty Gonzalez

Patty Gonzalez is a storyteller. The camera is her means to an end. From journeys to her father’s homeland, to vibrant shots of the beauty and glamour of her hometown of Miami, Patty’s eyes are on the subtlety and nuance that make each photograph a narrative you want to know more about. There are many miles and many experiences that lead you to a moment in time. With Patty’s knack for detail and nostalgia, each frame captures the sentiment beyond the pose.

Susie Canino

Susie Canino knows how to capture a moment. There’s a lot her lens has seen and even more she uncovers through her big heart, which is part of every shot she takes. She has a talent for finding the tough with the gentle, and part of the magic of what her images reveal is the laughter in the trials and the tears in the joy.

Lauren Alatriste

Lauren Alatriste knows how to make an impact. Her photography and cinematography, like her adventuresome spirit, stand on the edge, challenge the imagination and offer to put life in grand and sweeping perspective. Exotic locations, vast landscapes, faraway places, hidden luxuries and all that is wild, sophisticated and bold make up her imagery and her point of view.

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