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So, you decided to to take the plunge and book that photo shoot you have been talking about. I mean, the last time you and your family got photographed, well, it has been some time now. Now, the dreaded question, “What in the world are we going to wear?” I know there are basic rules you hear about, “Can’t go wrong with solids” or “Patterns can be too busy” or “Wear all white”… Well, some of these can be true, but let’s just discuss some points that we recommend.

BE YOURSELF Don’t wear something your are uncomfortable in, or don’t feel is your style just for the pictures. Although, dressing up and getting your hair and make up done is a perk to having a photo shoot, but don’t go so far that when you look at the pictures, you don’t recognize yourself! Also, if your son is in a cowboy stage, go with it! Bring along some boots, jeans and a cowboy hat! We are documenting a stage in their lives that they will outgrow, and move on to something else, but wouldn’t it be great to capture that moment in time, and look back years from now to remember how he use to smirk with that missing tooth and say “Yee Haw”? Also, a rule of thumb is if that shirt irritates your kids’ skin or the shoes are just too uncomfortable, your pictures will show it. So, make sure when shopping, to take that into consideration.
WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I always like to give clients an idea of wardrobe by first asking how is your home decorated? If you have vintage furniture and antiques, I wouldn’t recommend your shoot look ultra modern in the city. I would suggest that you look around, and visualize where you will hang your pictures, and what colors/themes match the area, and go from there.
COLOR IS MY FRIEND Let’s say it together now, “Color is my friend.” Now, seriously, the only time you should be wearing all white is the day your walk down the aisle to say “I do”. I mean, do you normally run around in all white? Then, now is not the time to experiment. Gone are the days of white button down shirts and jeans. Show your individual personalities by choosing several colors to work with. For example, choosing one pattern for the princess of the family that has yellows and grays, then using that palette to continue the theme with the adults. Even if you introduce another color. It’ll all look amazing together. I look back at some pictures and see families with the same colors, same jeans, etc, and think, “Uniforms are for school, not shoots.”
PLAIDS AND POLKA DOTS Who said rules aren’t meant to be broken. Here’s one I encourage! Patterns are not bad, but TOO much pattern is. Like I said before, starting with some type of pattern to base the color scheme on is perfect, but everyone wearing that same pattern is a disaster. It should be a hint of pattern, not polkda dot overload!
ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES “My motto is to go wild on the accessories – the belts, the hair clips, the jewelery.” Heidi Klum has a point with her motto. Accessories can enhance your outfit and make them picture perfect. There is nothing like a fabulous belt and great earrings to give that “umpf” to your look, but make sure that when choosing for your little ones, not to over do it that they want to claw off that huge flower on their head. Shoes are a great accessory to any outfit. Choose wisely (and comfortably, too).
So, these are just some rules to shop by… But, remember, rules are meant to be broken, so be creative and let your imagination run wild! Follow us on Pinterest to see some more fashion ideas… http://pinterest.com/psphotog/
P.S. We also offer styling services for your shoot, so be sure to ask if you are in a frenzy!


{But what do I wear?} Don’t stress about your session…

February 21, 2013

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