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This shoot was creative freedom for us.  We connected with Alexa and Jimmy through instagram.  Alexa’s Inbal Dror gown caught our attention and it became the muse and inspiration for the shoot.  With creative freedom and a gown like this, we knew we had to not just capture but create.  There was some risk to our concept, we weren’t sure if bonfires were allowed on Miami Beach and we still to this day aren’t sure.  We took the risk and thankfully it was all a success.  A bonfire shoot concept came to us while traveling in Oregon’s coast.  Over in those parts bonfires are so common.  We spent an evening among friends around a bonfire on the beach and it was just so memorable and cool.  We took a risk with this one but we think the result is pure magic.  Would you take a risk and do a bonfire engagement session?  We have a few ideas up our sleeves for the next one.




















Wedding Photography

Alexa & Jimmy

October 22, 2020

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