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I am overjoyed with the news my family got on Friday night. What began as a simple conversation about the Ellen DeGeneres show has ended with my son being flown to California to be on TV! It all started three weeks ago when I innocently showed off Aiden’s geography knowledge on Facebook. It was a short video I posted of Aiden on Christmas Day playing with his new present-a map of the world. This last Christmas, Aiden’s Christmas list had anything and everything to do with geography. The geography obsession all started with a simple iPad game, and well now he is a geography whiz! So the idea of submitting his story to Ellen came during a photo shoot when a client was so impressed with Aiden’s Facebook video and said “you have to put him on the Ellen Degeneres Show”. That night I decided to write to Ellen’s show! Aiden has been begging to visit another country, state, city, anything and I thought maybe there is a tiny chance that Ellen will fly us to California. So after that email, then a conversation, four videos of Aiden, two phone interviews I am in California writing this story to share! It all happened so fast, I can not believe we are here, definitely still in shock after all we were just told two days ago that we were invited! So needless to say I am one proud momma! Aiden is an amazing boy. He is so many wonderful things, however it really is impressive how much he knows about the world. He can pin point EVERY country on a map. He can pin point every state in the United States and knows every state capital. He is currently learning the capitals of the countries as well. He can tell you where Mount Rushmore is, the Grand Canyon, he can tell you where the Taj Majal is and the Eifel Tower. Every day he learns more and more! So today we have a short rehearsal at Ellen’s studio and then the show is taped tomorrow and airs Thursday! I have to admit, I am a bit worried with him being on that big stage. I just want him to be confident up there and just be Aiden. I have done a little preparing, we have watched a few episodes that featured kids, practiced his dancing moves and of course picked out his outfit that he will be wearing (a shirt with his favorite country on it). I just know this trip will end with amazing experiences, fond memories and many new stories! I will be taking lots of pictures and of course will be sharing them here on the blog, but for now set your TV to record Thursday, January 31st at 4pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show!!! ~ Patty, the “P” in PS

Oh, CLICK HERE to view the You Tube channel of his videos…


{Aiden’s going to Hollywood} Patty, the “P” in PS

January 29, 2013

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