Markie & Peter

The Temple House | Miami Beach, FL

When you have two weddings to plan its easier to think outside the box, which is exactly what Markie did.  These two are lucky enough to celebrate their marriage in Portugal and in Miami.  They decided to make the Miami wedding fun and unique.  The theme was gatspy.  The venue was The Temple House.  With help from the lighting specialist at the Temple House they were able to put on a light show the entire night.  Patterns adorned the walls making the room look different for each event.  Our favorite was the pattern of fireworks that lit up the walls during their first kiss as husband and wife.  Markie and Peter also made sure that their guests were entertained the whole night.  The entertainment included acrobats, magic show and burlesque show...oh and we almost forgot a CO2 gun, robot, champagne girl and a violinist.  What a night of celebration!



EPIC Hotel | Miami, FL

Minna and Dwight had a fabulous wedding day at the EPIC hotel in Downtown Miami. We were so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to document this stunning couple. Minna had three outfit changes. One dress by Elihav Sasson, the second by Galia Lahav, and the third by Stephen Yearick. Her third outfit reveal inspired their highlight film that feels like a music video. She came out rapping Nicki Minaj's Moment 4 Life (inspired by a true queen!), and when the Drake feature began, Dwight rapped his whole verse. The whole wedding day will give you chills!



1 Hotel | Miami Beach, FL.

Sarah and Arvind chose a tropical destination wedding in our home town of Miami Beach. Take a look how they transformed the 1 Hotel SoBe into a tropical oasis for their dream wedding.



Biltmore Hotel | Miami, FL.

A NFL wedding at the historic Biltmore Hotel. George Iloka a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals married the love of his life, Gabriela.


{Isa} Teen Session

We always love when our teens incorporate animals into their shoots, we are big time animal lovers.  Isa loves horses and loves to ride them sooooo we decided to include one in the photo shoot!  I love the fairytale look to the pictures.  Isa was so happy!  For the second look she decided to do a beach pinup look, which she totally pulled off so well!  We also included Isa's love of dance in the last look of the shoot.  She wanted a grungy hip hop feel so thats what we gave her, they came out so cool.