Fairchild Tropical Gardens | Miami, FL

We had been looking forward to Stephanie and Danny’s wedding for over a year! This couple has a special place in our hearts. We documented Stephanie’s sister’s wedding in February and have gotten a chance to know the family so well this past year. There’s nothing better than a couple feeling comfortable with us. Danny is the kind of guy who wants to blast some Cuban music and dance his heart out. He’s well spoken and one of the most charismatic people we have ever met. Stephanie is the strong, more reserved woman by his side. She has impeccable taste, which shines throughout her entire wedding day. She also is one of the kindest souls we have ever met. This duo is a match made in heaven. We also need to emphasize how romantic Danny is. He wrote Stephanie a letter 9 days after meeting her and kept it to himself until the day of the wedding. The whole room was in tears (including us) as Stephanie read his letter that expressed how much he already loved her after a short 9 days. Their love is shown throughout the entire day.