PS on NBC 6 South Florida Today

Well, we were very nervous.  It was our first time on TV!  But, what made it an amazing experience was the support from our clients, friends, family and our PR Firm, Nat-PR and Events Management.  Not to mention, Shiri Spear (the reporter) was amazing at making us feel at ease.  We spoke about our photography style for portraits, and great holiday session ideas and gifts!  So, take a look at PS on NBC 6!

Funny story:  We were led into the studio so we can begin our setup for the segment.  The studio manager says, “PS Photography.  Ok.  Who’s Patty and who’s Susie?”  At which point, we were so nervous that I (Susie) blurt out, “I’m Patty!”  Patty looks confused and says, “No, I’m Patty!”  And, we all started cracking up! Embarrassing!!!