{Mischa} Studio Couture Session

halloweenmini-19This year has been a year of pushing our limits.  I feel like as a baby meets milestones, this year PS Photography has met a new milestone.  The year started with goals and these goals have led us to create and inspire eachother to want more and expect perfection.  One of many goals was to bring more quality and creativeness to our studio photography.  Most of our clients seem to have a negative reaction with the shear mention of doing their shoot at the studio.  Well as many as you know we moved into a new Miami Studio that has double the space and this was our chance to create something unique and really push for more when it comes to studio photography.  With lots of experimenting, we proudly introduce our new Studio Couture Sessions.  Mischa is a doll and her mom just so happens to be Ms. Fashionista so together with our custom backdrop and props this shoot really shows off the quality and creativeness that a studio session can achieve.  We are so inspired to do more and create more photographs in the studio, we hope our fans will fall in love with studio photography too.halloweenmini-25