{Magda} Inspired Events | Professional Portraits by PS Studios

When we began this company in 2006 and started to market ourselves towards weddings, it was tough. At the time, we were so eager to get noticed and to be respected. Maggie (aka Magda of Inspired Events) automatically opened her arms to us. It may sound silly or clichè, but at the time that’s what it felt like, one giant hug; and oh did it feel good. LOL. It was just what we needed to push our company into high gear. Shortly after, we had several other wedding coordinators recommending our company. Maggie saw the potential we had and her open arm acceptance will never be forgotten. Seven years later, we still keep in touch and it was great to have the opportunity to photograph her. I wanted to showcase all the sides Maggie has. She is brilliant and powerful business women but she is also sweet and down to earth. Here are her professional head shots, I hope that I was able to capture all the wonderful things that make up Maggie and her company!copyright | PS Studios | www.PSstudios.net