{Lauren + Blair} Baby Announcement | Miami Maternity Photography

A surprise “I’m pregnant” shoot is terrific, but actually surprising the daddy-to-be is epic!  That’s exactly what Lauren did and we caught it all on camera!  Lauren and Blair have been trying to have a baby for some time now and once Lauren found out she was finally expecting, she knew she needed to reveal the BIG news to her husband in a BIG way.  Lauren had it all planned out! Their wedding anniversary was coming up so she booked a weekend at The Biltmore Hotel (where they had their wedding ceremony and reception, CLICK HERE to see that gorgeous day!).  She told her hubby, Blair, that she wanted an “Anniversary Shoot” of the two of them while staying at the hotel.  Thankfully, Blair went along with it (he’s such a good hubby).  So, then was the tough part… how to break the news.  After doing some Pinterest research, we got the idea of including a question and answer for the couple. We would ask a question, then they would write their answers on a board…but no peeking.  The first question was “What has been your favorite memory from your first year of marriage?”, they both answered on a chalk board.  When they were done, they turned around and showed each other the answer. of course, Lauren’s chalk board read…”We are having a baby!”.  Tears and smiles all around, including the PS team.  It was so wonderful and priceless to see it all unfold.  And the thought of this family reminiscing about this moment and able to share with their family years from now gave me goosebumps! And, a few weeks later, they found out it’s not just one baby, but TWO!