{Jennine + Reggy} The Bath Club | Miami Beach Wedding Photography

Jennine + Reggy’s wedding was perfect from start to finish. I know that sounds clichè, but it’s so true! From the moment we walked into Jennine’s room at The Confidante, it was bustling! Laughter and chatter filled the room. The excitement was contagious! And that excitement didn’t falter the entire wedding day! The first time Reggy laid eyes on his bride, he couldn’t stop smiling. Jennine looked absolutely gorgeous! Their ceremony was officiated by the charming Father Milan and ended with glitter bombs after their first kiss. Their reception at the Bath Club in Miami Beach was one for the history books. Event Factor created an ambiance of celebration! From their confetti and nitrogen guns to their LED Robot, it kept everyone on the dance floor partying along with Jennine + Reggy.