{Image of the Week} My Two Front Teeth

Recently, a client mentioned that they want pictures done of their kids before they start losing their teeth. At first, I agreed. Of course, you want them to have all their teeth in the pictures. Aesthetically, it looks perfect. Hair is in place, clothes are clean, and all their teeth are where they are supposed to be. But, then I started to think… When my kids lost their teeth, they were so proud. It’s almost a coming of age moment! A war scar. They lost their first tooth! That means the Tooth Fairy will be visiting them that night. I remember their excitement and how anxious they were to look under their pillow to see what the mystical winged lady brought for them. How important is that for them! I guess, my mind has changed. How can you NOT document that momentous moment? Years later, when they look back and see those pictures, they will remember… It was important to them, so it was important to you. There is really no perfect time to photograph your family, there is only right now.

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