{Image of the Week} Juno Beach Pier | Palm Beach Photography

Sunrises are something that I rarely see.  I am a night owl, working sometimes past 1am.  So, the thought of getting up before the sun is quite foreign.  But, recently we were commissioned by the Palm Beach International Airport to photograph different Palm Beach landmarks to display in their baggage claim area.  And, one of them being the Juno Beach Pier.  And, of course, the morning we decided to shoot was one of the first days of the Polar Vortex!  30 degrees on the beach, we looked like we were going skiing!  But, we stayed warm enough that we could set up the camera and capture one of the most amazing skies I have ever seen.  The colors almost seemed surreal, the peaches, oranges and pinks were on a color scale I have rarely seen.  It was worth waking up before dawn and freezing on the beach.  I honestly would do it again.  Not anytime soon, but I would again.  copyright PS Studios | www.PSstudios.net | www.PSphotography.net | sunrise over Palm Beach